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Traitor - The Fiannah Legacy





 As punishment for his treason Teàrlach is serving his sentence in absulute nothingness with enough time and space to regret his sins against his mate and the Fiannah Legacy.

One day there's a glimpse of light in the darkness and Teàrlach's treacherous soul is allowed to return to the mortal world - trapped in the body of  a demon lord.
What seems to be just another kind of punishment turns out to be a lesson for him to learn and a chance to prove himself. Teàrlach isn't the only one to get a second bite of the cherry and together they form an alliance to stand the test of time ...


Enemy Mine - The Fiannah Legacy

After her career wit down the drain, the last thing Aideen O'Glennaoch needs to deal with is a man telling her things will even get worse.

She is by no means a damsel in distress and he's no knight in shining armor, but together they have to face a danger to weird to be real ...

Allure of Darkness - Fiannah Legacy 2





Lorcan Dál Rogan persues clues leading to a bloodthirsty creature living in a cave in Wales. Rumour has it that this creature hunts down humans and it’s Lorcans job to figure out if it’s more than an urban legend. It is, but in a way he never expected. The creature turns out to be a woman kept imprisoned for centuries and his duty requires to eliminate a potential threat to his and human kind. Lorcan decides to save rather than kill her – a choice he’ll might regret at the end of the day...

Held captive by a souleater named Huarwor a cave was her home for centuries but now she grabs the chance to escape with a stranger. Being a slave for all of her life she expects Lorcan to be her new master but as time went by she hopes for more ...


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Mistress of Eternity

Fiannah Legacy


After receiving a diagnosis of deadly cancer, forensic

pathologist Morrighan Cavanaugh quits her job and embarks on an journey to rediscover her past and rethink her life or what is left of it. Her sentimental journey her much farther back in time than she has expected, She ends up in a world full of supernatural creatures - Quinn Dál Goran being one of them ... he's not the only one trying o hunt Morrighan down ...